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The challenges that led you to my site are sending you a powerful message. The message you are receiving at this time is that something about you, your child or something within your relationships is no longer working and change is needed. Embrace that message. As you are reflecting on how therapy might be helpful, change is already taking place within you or your family. Something wonderful is awakening. That something is HOPE.   

Change rarely occurs in isolation. From a family systems perspective, when one person changes, the dynamics of the partner, peer or parent/child relationship changes. Family therapy may involve one or more people in the therapy room. The idea behind family therapy is that as your therapist, I am keenly aware that your family of origin, your life experiences, your genetics, your health, your culture, your religion, your ethnicity, your gender, etc. all impact the way you view, hold and react to life and others. 

Play therapy can help children work through trauma, grief, loss, life stressors, and/or adjustment issues. In addition, play therapy can help with social skill building and socio-emotional development. My approach to therapy is always tailored to my client's needs, therefore, at times therapy strategies other than traditional play therapy methods are utilized to optimize goal attainment with children & adolescents.


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Kristi Patterson, MA, LMFT-S, LPC-S, RPT-S, ICST




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